Moving expenses, vexing:

When we moved to our new place, one of the heavier things I had to move was the comic book collection.

Leaving graphic novels aside, this consisted of twenty-two “longboxes” – about 200 comic books each – that we previously had in a walk-in closet.

The closets in our new place aren’t quite as deep, so the old longboxes no longer fit.  I had a few “shortboxes” – about 100 each – that were being used to hold odd bits and pieces rather than comics, so I was able to press those back in to service as comics storage, but it wasn’t nearly enough.  I had to buy 34 shortboxes, at $3.50 each, just to be able to move the comics into the closet space we had available.

That’s not really all that vexing, though it meant quite a bit of work folding the flat-packed shortboxes into full shape and then breaking down the old longboxes for the recycle bin.  What IS vexing is that my long-term goal for the comics is to, basically, get rid of 80% of them before we move again, something which will neatly eliminate my need to have so many shortboxes.

So I spent $120ish on boxes that serve only to get them out of the way for the moment.

Still, it reclaims an awful lot of space on our living room floor that was covered by longboxes.  So that’s a win, I guess.

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