Witching at last

I bought “The Witcher” back in December of 2007, paying extra for the UK edition because it wasn’t censored like the US release, then promptly failed to get around to playing it.

Part of that is because it brought my computer – which I thought was actually quite up to date – to its knees if I turned on all the bells and whistles, part of it was that I was scared of starting an 80+ hour epic RPG, and a very great deal was because the control scheme made no bloody sense.

Now that I’ve played through Dungeon Siege, the whole “you do everything in this game with the mouse!  hands off the keyboard!” control scheme is a little more sensible – stupid, maybe, but sensible – and I have a better video card and it no longer bogs down during the opening cinema.

That being said, I still needed to update the drivers for my X-Fi and install Creative’s Alchemy software (one reboot per) before I could actually start playing it, and then, when my video card started drawing serious juice – about halfway through the introduction – I overloaded my UPS and it automatically shut down the server as a precaution.

I can’t actually blame that last part on the game or anything about PCs in general, but I thought it was funny.

Anyway, I managed to get past all the technical hiccups and through the introduction, which took about 2 hours, and so far it’s pretty engaging.  In addition, waiting this long means that they’ve not only released several patches to improve the story and stability, they’ve even released a patch to remove the CD check, so I don’t need to have the disc in the drive.  Big win.

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