Big big savings

In our last apartment, we lived within walking distance of two grocery stores and a convenience store, not to mention several restaurants.

While I don’t miss much about that apartment, I miss the easy access to groceries.  I actually did an awful lot of shopping at 3AM, when there weren’t many other people in the store.

In our new place, groceries mean driving.

Since we’re driving ANYWAY, I decided to check out our local “WinCo”, which is a big grocery discounter.  We had one near our last apartment, but not really near enough that it ever became an option for shopping.  I did hear good things about it, though, and always wanted to give it a chance.

Having done so, I have to say that I’m a convert.  It’s not cheaper for everything – like CostCo, you need to know what you’re buying and whether or not it’s actually a good deal – but it’s significantly cheaper on most of the stuff we buy, so I think I’ll be doing the majority of my shopping there from now on.

Having said nice things about the place, I feel the need to poke fun at it, just a little.  I won’t do so in my own words – I’ll let their signage speak for itself.


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