I’m not brave enough for this

Over the years, I’ve made something of a habit of trying unusual items from the snacks and drinks sections of various Asian supermarkets.  Generally this works out pretty well, to be honest, and I have a lot of personal favorites from doing this.  It can be bad when I get hooked on something, because there’s usually very little warning for something going out of stock, never to be seen again, but that’s another issue.

Most of the poor experiences I HAVE had involved artificial shrimp flavor, so with the exception of that I will try most anything.

This, however, was something that I honestly don’t have the courage to try:


I’m still trying to imagine what sort of taste this might have, or what sort of consistency.  A braver man would have dropped the 79 cents and at least taken a sip, but I am not that man.

I did get a can of Crunch Crunch Pear, which seems much less risky.


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