Plastic Heroes

I’m still playing Demon Gaze, and it remains a terribly enjoyable game. The level of fan service has dropped off considerably as I’ve gotten further into the story and dungeon crawling, so I suspect that it may have been front-loaded for the sake of hooking lightly-pervy fanboys.

I’ve also finally cracked open the actual game that came with my small plastic Avengers figures and given that a shot, to admittedly mixed results. I am loving the ability to download user-created levels and mix up universes and characters, but the story mode is a little… Uninspired, thus far. The first level was a pretty straightforward romp through Avengers tower, but that’s the point where I got spit out onto the streets of Virtual New York to start a series of fetch and escort quests for Nick Fury.

On the plus side, the guy they got to voice Fury sounds surprisingly like Samuel L Jackson, so I half-wonder whether he actually did voice work for the game.

I’ll keep at it – and I have the Guardians story to play through as well – but it is not the main draw of the game for me as of just yet.

Now, downloading a fan-made level where you fight Chetauri in the streets of New York, and then dropping in an Elsa figure to blow them up with freeze rays, THAT is sheer cackle-inducing joy and the part I can quite thoroughly recommend, although it may be somewhat bad on the wallet if I let myself indulge in too many classic Disney characters.

Speaking of small plastic things that are bad on the wallet, I find myself quite grateful for being just a few years too old to have grown up with the NES, because it let me look at Amiibos a few days ago, admit that they were kind of neat, and walk away from the display without feeling compelled to actually buy any of them. I rather feel for the crowd for whom these characters represent their childhood, because they are getting hit by the absolute worst sort of scalpers.

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