OK, so to start: I finished the three main characters’ challenges in Tottemo E Mahjong, played through the 2 DLC characters’ challenges and even downloaded the 3rd and final DLC character though I haven’t actually played any of that yet.  She has a vague Taiga-from-Toradora look about her, so I’m expecting some abuse.

I still think that it’s balanced a little too heavily around the item shop, but meh, it’s still a fun game of mahjong.

I did have a fantastically frustrating hand which I neglected to screenshot, as follows:

I drew two kan of dragons.  Yes, with a cheat item from the shop, of course.  I then made two concealed pons of simple tiles.  I’m not sure exactly how many points this represents because I let the program score for me, but it is a LOT.

I was left with a single tile and only needed to pair it, either from a draw or discard.

When the hand finished, I was still staring at that one unpaired tile.

So much rage.

But that ASIDE, I reached a tremendous milestone last week, after far too much “well, I’ll just swing through the McDonald’s drive thru, and didn’t I need something from Home Depot, and…”


Now, I know that Nintendo is bound to put out a Smash puzzle sometime in the next couple of weeks, a month at the outside, and after that point I will be right back in the position of needing 40 or so puzzle pieces… but, for now, I am done carrying my 3DS around in the hopes of getting Streetpasses, and I can actually sleep the dang thing with a DS cartridge in without feeling like I’d be missing out on the potential of seeing that green light come on.

I can’t really explain WHY collecting all the puzzles became a THING for me.  I’m not a big Nintendo fan, so the majority of the puzzles, while well done, didn’t elicit any particular emotional responses.  If I had to hazard a guess, it’s because I very rarely play games where I can share the experience with others, or I play them years after the fact, but this is an accomplishment that I can actually talk to another 3DS owner about and probably have some common ground.

Oh and I have so many hats now.


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