2007 JLPT Scores

I’m getting an awful lot of hits recently from people who, like me, are waiting impatiently for the Japan Foundation to finish running our answer sheets through a scantron reader and let us know how we’ve done, already, sheesh.

So if you’re in the same boat as me, I recommend going to the “your account” page on the Japan Foundation’s web site and logging in occasionally. The scores aren’t up yet, but they’ll show up there a couple days before they come in the mail.

Last year’s scores were posted on the last day of February, by the way.

This doesn’t apply to people who happen to be in Japan and already have their scores. Lucky buggers.

Edit:  Apparently posting this was a good idea, as scores came today!  291/400 is not as good as last year’s level 4 score, but still a passing grade.

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