Exercise mixes, accidental:

I made a happy discovery last night, and repeated it tonight:

If I select “Mosaic.wav – めがねでねっ!” in my PSP’s “Music” folder and let it play sequentially from there, I get a half-hour of Mosaic.wav, Hamada Shouko, SweetS, and Round Table Featuring Nino, with my half-hour bike workout ending just as Groovin’ Magic is starting to come to the end.

It’s a pretty damn energetic set of artists.

By which I mean, if the aggressively-girlish-voices-at-high-volume genre of music is your thing, this is the sort of thing you would like, if you don’t get diabetes first, which is definitely a possibility.

Biking every night, even for only a half hour, is probably a little aggressive, but here’s the thing:

1) I’m officially not letting myself drive to work – it’s only a mile! until I see the scale say, at most, 188.8 in the morning.  I need to lose 2.2 pounds for this.

2) It’s coming up on Oregon’s official “cold and wet” season, which is different from our other three seasons in that it’s slightly colder and slightly wetter.

3) The combination of (1 & 2) is awfully motivating.

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