Back on the bike…

BMI is an annoyingly arbitrary scale with plenty of room for exceptions; it doesn’t take into account things like body type or muscle mass when assigning you to “healthy” or “overweight.”

But, it is awfully convenient, even when it’s saying things I’d rather not hear.

As an example, I’m 6’1″.  If I’m 189 pounds or over, I’m overweight.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing numbers in the 191-192 range in the morning.  It’s been a little too consistent to blame it on a temporary fluctuation, and I haven’t been able to get back to normal just by being careful about what I’m eating.

From previous experience, I need to kick my metabolism back into gear, and once it’s going again I’ll be able to manage my weight just by moderating food intake.  Unfortunately, that’s the part that means I need to actually do some work.  🙂

So, last night, I queued up a half hour of Caramelldansen remixes on my mp3 player and got on the sole exercise bike in our apartment complex’s exercise room, fully expecting to wake up in agony this morning.

And, yes, there is some agony.

The thing I can’t quite explain is why it’s my arms that are killing me, while my legs are just fine.

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