When you start off at 290 pounds, it’s important to set reasonable expectations for weight loss, and then set new goals as you hit them.

My first goal was basically “climb the two flights of stairs in the parking garage without needing to stop at the top to rest”

Then it was 270, then it was “get 250 before going to Japan” (August 06 – I was 252 when I got on the plane but 247 when I got back to the US a week later)

Then 220 by New Year’s.

Then “break 200”

This morning was 199.6.  Seeing the first digit on the scale change is, well, pretty damn cool.

I have a little ways to go… I still have to hit 189 to be a “healthy weight” for my height… but it’s looking pretty possible to hit, which isn’t something I’d have said 16 months ago when I started this whole lose weight thing.

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