Da Capo and Vista and Goodbyes…

All right, neither episodes 13 or 14 of Da Capo Second Season were clips shows. What is the world coming to?

Also, the pain that is Aisia is starting to subside, and Kotori is getting much more screen time. I honestly could not make it through the Aisia-tries-to-cheer-up-sick-kid-with-circus-act episode, I stopped it after the eyecatch with a serious case of the heebie jeebies.

Let me put that in context – I’ve watched untranslated, 3rd generation videotapes of Minky Momo and gotten through them with less mental fingernails-on-the-blackboard.

Hayashibara era Minky Momo, though.

In the Eternally Hopeful Category:

Tonight, I sent in the second and last of my “You bought a new PC! We’ll send you Vista!” coupons. So in a world where these things actually work I will be receiving one copy of Vista Home Premium, for the Acer Laptop, and one copy of Vista Business, for the PC that Generous And Loving Wife allowed me to build a couple weeks ago. No, that acronym is no better. I’ll keep working on it.

From reading assorted sites around the net, the number of people claiming to have received their free Vista upgrades is slightly lower than the number of people claiming to have been abducted by aliens… I would like to work in something about cow mutilations or orifice probing here, since these are the Two Standard Alien Abduction Jokes, but I quite honestly don’t have anything funny. Make something up, and laugh at it, it was better than anything I came up with.

Anyway, Vista may be on the way, two copies even, and the odds of me actually installing either anytime before Vista SP1 is released… well they’re not good odds, but I wanted to make sure that I had the installation media and license keys.

In kind of Meh and I am vexed news, I had math class tonight. This itself isn’t a big deal, we have two more sessions and then I’ll be done with the class. What did meh and vex me was that my Japanese friend from the class is off to Osaka for the next three weeks, and when she comes back to the states she’ll be moving to San Antonio of all places. So, no more conversation buddy. On the other hand, this does avoid the awkward thing where eventually if we’d become better friends I would have had to invite her and her husband over and then they’d be walking right into an otaku lair of the highest order and probably run screaming for the streets as soon as they saw the DVD shelves, so this might be for the best.

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