Feedin’ am good

I’m a bit of a list maker. Some of these lists get to-do items on them that take months or years to actually get accomplished, but it’s rare that they completely fall off the lists.

Saturday I got to knock a couple off the general “japan topics” list.

After a fairly uneventful speech class – I did get a 95 on last week’s speech, so my flirtation with a decent grade continues – I realized that I had two hours before I had to be out in Hillsboro to get the car’s oil changed, etc. So, instead of heading straight out there, I went home so I could see Abandoned Wife first.

She decided to join me for my exciting trip, and while she was getting ready to leave, I was wasting some time reading about the intimate details of stranger’s lives on the web.

One of them, a local anime club member, mentioned “Syun Isakaya”.

Now, an Izakaya is a kind of Japanese restaurant that I’d wanted to try but was fairly intimidated by. Think of it like a tapas or dim sum place – you go there, you get drinks and then you basically order lots and lots of little plates of food. They traditionally have a huge menu, unusual for Japanese places.

A quick google search turned up two things: One, that the name of the restaurant was slightly misspelled, and two, that it was in Hillsboro.

Serendipity, I tell you.

So, after the car got its oil change, and we found a car wash because the dealership doesn’t automatically do that for you, unlike the Saturn dealership, grr, and then after we did rather a lot of shopping and Rescued From a Weekend Day At Home Wife got to get some well deserved wardrobe additions and I got a little portable tripod for the pink camera…

We went to Syun Izakaya. And, oh, my, it was some goodness. We went a little nutty with the menu and wound up with easily four people’s worth of food and managed to eat about three people’s worth of it… okonomiyaki, spider roll, aparagus with bacon, beef with green onions and garlic buds, croquettes, tonkatsu, ebi tempura, and …

the other thing on my list of to-do that I managed to get done was “try natto”

Now, natto has a reputation for being really quite nasty. It’s fermented soybeans. I have no idea who first decided they were hungry enough to eat it, but it’s an important part of Japanese food and I need to learn to eat it.

At any rate, Syun Izakaya had a roll that was maguro and natto, and I figured that cutting the natto with something I LIKED would be a good way to break me in.

The first piece nearly came right back up. By the third piece, it was only rather nasty, and I figured I would leave it at that and try more later – and, besides, there was a table full of other stuff to eat.
So, Izakaya style dining – check. Ate natto and lived – check.

Good Saturday all around.

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