My stuff, look at it.

Speaking of regular Saturday night pencil-and-paper RPG groups, I got talked into signing up for YET ANOTHER social network type of thing, this one rather specific in its focus – it’s for people who collect Japanese figurines from games & anime, and it’s more or less a way to show off your collection and find out about all kinds of toys that you wouldn’t otherwise know existed.  It could be a quite dangerous site, in other words.

It’s not perfect – it’s all done by community contribution and the database gets a little sketchy when you’re more than a decade back, so I have quite a few older figures that just don’t show up – but it’s pretty good and helps scratch the exhibitionist itch.  It also lets me feel like I’m contributing when I send in photos of unpackaged figurines – far too many of the photos on the site are of poor entombed toys desperately longing to be set free of their plastic prisons.

Profile is here.



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