Shocking Bio, Crashing Ninja

Playing through Omegane Teacher until I’d unlocked everything restored enough of my pervy fanboy cred that I felt justified in installing Bioshock and giving it a try.

Amazingly, it’s not that I bought Bioshock at launch for full price and am just now getting around to it – I actually didn’t buy many of last year’s MUST PLAY games.  I saw that there was an absolute flood of really cool titles being released and thought to myself, self, you’d be better off if you waited until May, when all those really cool titles are going to be 20 bucks.

My timetable was a bit off there. 

Bioshock waited until last month to finally drop to 20 bucks – for PC, at least.  It’s not like the four extra months I waited made that much difference, I suppose.

Waiting a year to play it also means that they fixed the widescreen issues it had at launch and toned down the absolutely moronic DRM scheme it shipped with.

I’ve also managed not to have the plot spoiled for me, which is pretty much the only reason to buy a game at launch these days (let’s ignore my impulse buy of Soul Calibur 4, please), so I’m going through it blind.

For double fun, I’m playing it at night with the lights off.  That is to say, except for the bit with Stallman.  I was WARNED about that, and that was played in the morning with the lights on.

It looks really pretty running in 1920×1200, even in dx9 mode, so I don’t need to upgrade my 7950GT JUST yet, which is nice, and it supports the Xbox 360 controller quite nicely.  It’s probably made a little more difficult by using the controller instead of KB&M, but I’m still getting along.

I’ve just taken out my first Big Daddy, after a half-dozen tries or so, and it was a deeply satisfying thing to do.  The ones in Neptune’s Bounty seem to be a lot tougher, though, I’ll need to score some upgrades before I give them another shot.

About the only downside to playing the PC version seems to be that I won’t be getting any achievements.  Since a friend brought over his Xbox360 version of Bioshock a few months ago to show me, I DO have the “Toaster in the Tub” achievement, so I’ll be stuck at 10 gamerscore until the end of time.

I AM still playing through Izuna 2, when I’m out and about and have a few minutes to spare.  I hit a really annoying bug today, but, as much of a pain as it was, I think I’ll be able to go back to it tomorrow.

See, Izuna is pretty hardcore.  It assumes that, if you turn the DS off without saving, you’re trying to get out of dying, so it penalizes you as if you’d died.  I’m OK with this; it’s a part of the game, it’s quite forgiveable.

It gets a LITTLE less forgiveable when you’re 12 floors down in a dungeon, both of your characters have gone up 2 or 3 levels, you’ve picked up a ton of loot, and the game crashes when you try to do a pair attack.

I didn’t know it was possible to crash a DS this hard.  The screen went completely black, but the game music kept playing – and it kept on playing even when I closed the lid. I had to power the console off to get it to stop.

Oh, and of course I lost all my levels, loot, and equipped gear when I got the game booted back up again.

Something I didn’t realize when I was buying Izuna 2 was that Atlus bundled a mini-poster with the game if you bought it from Gamestop or Amazon.  I didn’t realize this for a couple of weeks after purchase, so it was a neat little surprise.


…I bought it from Gamestop.

OK, OK, so at least I got the mini-poster that I could actually display without feeling TOO ashamed about it, if I were the sort of guy who was likely to go putting up mini-posters, anyway, but I just feel like I let the pervy team DOWN.

One final note about Izuna 2 before I close up this post:  YES, Tsubaki IS in the sequel, so all is well.

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  1. Jon says:

    Lol, very good read!


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