That’s not gonna help the backlog.

So I just got back from a week and a bit in Japan.  I’m happy to report that it’s still there, still terribly polite to clueless foreigners, and generally a fun place to wander around in even if it occasionally gets hit with unexpected super typhoons.

Needless to say, those can put a damper – pun intended – on some of your plans, but I persevered.

I didn’t actually wind up spending a ton of money on shopping.  That isn’t to say I didn’t buy stuff, just that I mostly spent my money in the second-hand video game stores and toy recycle shops.  I was particularly glad to see that, while the PSP is still pretty popular in Japan, it’s old enough that many of the games I wanted to buy when I was last there are now considerably cheaper, so I came home with seven new PSP games.  I also picked up a DS rhythm game that looked cool, a Gundam game for the Vita, AND a pair of PS3 games and the total for all of this was under a hundred and fifty bucks.  That’s value for money, it is.

Now I just need to find about a hundred and fifty hours to play them.

The haul:


Criminal Girls

Gundam Battle Universe

Kei-on! Houkagou Live

Macross Triangle Frontier

Macross Ultimate Frontier

Megpoid The Music#

Project Diva Extend (I dare not start with this one)


Kira Kira Rhythm Collection


Gundam Seed Battle Destiny


Oneechanbara Z Kagura with Nonono

Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma


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1 Response to That’s not gonna help the backlog.

  1. PiE says:

    Nice haul.
    Also, I like how you called it a “haul”. Sounds like you just came from a fishing trip and caught a net full of fish or something.


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