Much derp in Tachikawa

I’ve been known to go quite a bit out of my way to go to places I’ve seen in anime.  I went all the way to freakin’ KOCHI, of all places, just because I really liked Umi ga Kikoeru, and I was very happy to find several real life locations that had been used in the movie.

I will also admit that my trip to Kyoto was drastically improved by having watched the Kyoto-field-trip episode of Lucky Star.

With that in mind, when I went to Tachikawa to find a Book Off Bazaar store, realized that the station was rather distinctive looking from the front, and took a picture…


I kinda wish I’d realized where I’d seen it before so I could waylay a pedestrian and get them to take a photo of me from a different angle:


Oh, well.

Utsutsu shimasu and all that.


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