Streetpass Effect

I mentioned a month or two ago that I’d taken to collecting Streetpasses on my Pretty Princess Pink 3DSXL, and that I’d gotten a few Special Miis thanks to E3.

That was cool and all, but really I wasn’t getting very many passes. I was sitting at maybe 30 unique Miis in Mii Plaza and only had a sprinkling of puzzle pieces.

Then I went to Tokyo. If you find yourself in the same situation as I was in, I must recommend this as a tactic.

I have to say, first off, that I didn’t see nearly as many portable game systems as I used to. Smartphone gaming is a Thing, even in the Land of Nintendo, and I saw an awful lot of folks playing Puzzle and Dragon on their iPhones and Sony Xperias.

(As an aside, though I did see a ton of Android phones, I didn’t see so many Samsungs. I think Sony has the home field advantage.)

Even so, I went past many, many people who at least had 3DSs buried in their bags, because it took me no time at all to rack up about 500 streetpasses. I even managed to get the 100 Streetpasses-in-a-day achievement, though admittedly that took going to the Tokyo Pokemon Center and then wandering around Akihabara for about three hours.

Now that I’m back in the States, of course, my pass rate has slowed to virtually nil again. I found out that I can get passes over the free WiFi at McDonald’s and Home Depot, so I’ve been picking up about 10 a day from those at least and I’m up to 650 pieces of a total 1113.

Hey, as far as life accomplishments go, it’s not a great one but I do enjoy seeing the boards slowly fill up.

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2 Responses to Streetpass Effect

  1. PiE says:

    Never would’ve though 100 StreetPasses in a day was possible! The most I’ve gotten was around 3 to 5 (I don’t really remember). Now that I think about it, StreetPass has a lot of potential.
    I also never knew smartphone gaming was a “thing” in Japan. PlayStation Mobile is getting closer a dedicated gaming device, especially when using an Xperia Play’s slide-out gamepad.

    (Also, it’s Xperia, not Experia. Knit picky, I know.)


  2. baudattitude says:

    Thanks for the catch, I’m always embarrassed when I come back to a post and find a spelling mistake.

    Phone gaming has taken off in a huge way. The last time I was in Japan, which was only four years ago, my iPhone 3GS was a novelty and I had a few people comment on it. Now it’s rare that you see a non-smartphone.

    f2p games with their “play for 10 minutes, now wait for 8 hours” model actually work pretty well if you’re using them to pass the time on your train commute.


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