I Geth I Was Mistaken

I spent another four hours with Mass Effect 2 tonight, and I’m happy to report that the Geth DO show up.

This entry in the series feels a lot more like a shooter than the first one did.  That’s far from a complaint, mind you – in ME1, I spent most of the time using various pistols because they seemed more effective than pretty much anything else, but I’m finding that every weapon in ME2 is worth using.  Also, since ME2 dropped the infinite-ammo mechanic, I’m NEEDING to switch up weapons in order to keep myself in ammunition.

The pacing is a drastic change, too.  I’m 10 hours in, I’ve spent most of that time getting the band back together, and I still have several people to go find and recruit – and after I find them all, each of them has a technically-optional mission that I can run to fully gain their trust.  I also need to get upgrades, and they’re not in shops any more so I need to collect components and research schematics.  The whole saving the universe thing seems to have fallen by the wayside a bit in favor of getting old buddies out of jams and scanning planets for minerals.

Oh god I just realized that this might technically count as doing trade skills.


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