Mass Effect 2: I Am Disappoint.

Let me start of by saying very clearly: I am not disappointed with Mass Effect 2, the video game. Rather, I started it intending just to see how it tied into the first game and then played for six hours straight, which is a pretty good sign that I consider it an excellent game.

I was extra glad to find out that the thing I’d spoiled for myself accidentally is a thing that takes place (and is explained) in the first hour or so of play, so I don’t need to sit in my chair wondering when I’m going to get hit with it.

What I am disappointed in is that the villains have changed – not the Big Bad villains, but the minions that are presumably working for them. This game introduced a new kind of minions, and honestly I’m not really disappointed in the new minions either – they’re nicely creepy and it’s good when your bad guys aren’t too familiar.

The only reason I’m disappointed, then, is because I had planned to title a post “Mass Effect 2: Geth Again” and it doesn’t look like I’m going to get to do that since the Geth don’t seem to be in this one.

I guess I could complain that they changed the key bindings around and I’ve had a couple of deaths due to mixing up the functions of space and left shift, which were swapped for no logically explained reason, and changing quick save from F6 to F5 also makes no bloody sense, but uh. That’s pretty pathetic stuff to gripe about.

Short version, then: the graphics are better, they’ve sanded off some of the rougher bits of the original, and I was able to import my save from ME1 and have it pick up on all of my story choices, and it really feels like this is My Story as a result. I’ll just have to work a little harder when I make up a funny title for the next post about it.

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