Why I shouldn’t work for Nintendo

One of the weirder features of the 3DS is “Streetpass”, where your system regularly exchanges a little information with every other 3DS it passes. It’s not a lot – your Mii data, your greeting, and the last game you played. You build up a little collection of Miis as you walk by people and can play little mini games with them. It’s cute.

Of course, I always try to remember to launch Senran Kagura before I put my 3DS to sleep, just for Streetpass. Gotta rep the pervy, after all.

Anyway, occasionally you’ll get a special Mii on your system, generally a Nintendo employee. These come in via WiFi rather than by walking past them, of course. The only difference really is that they have gold sparkles around them in your Mii collection, so they have a greeting and last game played etc. With E3 going on, I’ve had several of these guys visit.

Why I should never work for Nintendo, to get back to the subject of this, is this: these Miis all have announced, released titles as their “last played” – Zelda, Animal Crossing, that sort of thing. If I was a Nintendo employee, I would find a way, somehow, to set my “last played” to something like Mother Collection, just to make all the fan sites go rabid.

I’m not a good person.

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2 Responses to Why I shouldn’t work for Nintendo

  1. PiE says:

    Street Pass annoys me. A lot. Probably the reason I never knew that you could actually get Nintendo employees on your list.
    I guess I have a genuine reason for hating it –it can literally ruin Bravely Default’s experience if you use the “Summon Friend” option out of curiosity. Makes beating bosses far too easy.


    • baudattitude says:

      Wow, I didn’t know it actually had any in-game effects, I’ve just been collecting the silly little puzzle pieces. That sounds like a good way to spoil a game.

      Mostly I just like roaming around my office building and seeing what games are being played. I seem to work with a lot of Animal Crossing fans. 🙂


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