Girl und Panzer Dragoon

Recently I’ve had a friend helping me out by listing a bunch of stuff on eBay, which is a little lazy on my part if I’m honest, but which is also proving very handy for both of us – she gets a cut of the proceeds and huge amount of positive eBay feedback, and I get some much-needed cash and space back.

Also she mocks me relentlessly about some of the stuff I ask her to sell, but she’s known me long enough that I don’t think any of it actually comes as a shock.

Anyway, the space is the really important thing. Not that the money is a BAD thing – I just had a dryer decide to explode in the same week as my mechanic said, hey, do you know what a strut is? It’s something you need to replace a pair of – but the new free space is important because it’s let me start putting together a dedicated gaming space.

Yeah, as goals go, that’s pretty low on the list of life achievements for most people, but I’m enjoying the process.

Anyway, in determining exactly which consoles should be hooked up, I found myself trying to decide whether I needed an original Xbox or whether I could make do with 360 backwards compatibility, and the answer was “not yet” because I still have a few games that either aren’t BC at all or have problems when emulated.

Like, oh, Panzer Dragoon Orta, which I pre-ordered, ran to the store to pick up on release day, cheerfully handed over 50 bucks for, added another 20 bucks for the soundtrack of, and then played up until the third level and put aside to get back to rotting into a chair while I played EverQuest.

That was, oh, 12 years ago.

Anyway, I decided to rectify that tonight and played up to level six in a single sitting.

It’s really, really good. It’s colorful and challenging and is just generally imaginative as all get out, and I feel rather dumb for letting it sit on the shelf for this long.

I understand that it gets seriously nasty in the last few levels, so I doubt that I’ll be following this post up with a victory post anytime real soon, but I figure that if I made it through GunValkyrie I can make it through pretty much anything.

I just Orta tried it earlier. 🙂

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