And boy, are my arms tired!


Nobody who’s read more than 3 or 4 posts here is likely to be startled by the revelations that I like cute things, bippy music, and rhythm games.

It furthermore probably won’t shock anyone to find out that I bought a Japanese copy of “We Cheer” based largely on the weaponized cuteness of “Morning Yell”, the bonus song that isn’t available in the US version (as far as I know, anyway. If it IS available in the US version, I’ve wasted, uh, about 9 bucks. No great loss).

What may be a shock is that I’ve put off playing the Japanese version for a good three months, mostly because I didn’t have a Wii hooked up.

After 20 minutes, my thoughts:

1) this is possible the most sugary-sweet game I’ve played since Harmful Park, a game that was all about shooting donuts and candy.

2) wow, I’m terrible at this.


3) oh my god my arms my arms I can’t feel my arms someone help me I can’t feel my arms the pain oh the pain.

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