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Halo Month, Part 5: Embracing Product Synergy

The most recent batch of Halo media consisted of six books (“Mortal Dictata”, “Broken Circle”, “New Blood”, “Hunters in the Dark”, “Saint’s Testimony” and “Last Light”, one video series (“Halo: Nightfall”) and two PC ports of mobile games.  At this … Continue reading

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Product Placements, Perplexing

So, my wife and I sat down yesterday and did a movie exchange. This is where you both pick a movie that the other person really ought to see for some reason and then you watch them both so you … Continue reading

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Lara Croft GO is ridiculously good, and I want more.

I’ve been working hard at making this the Year I Finally Get The Backlog Under Control, and so far I’ve finished nearly 60 games. This isn’t something I’d be able to do if I was trying to be a completionist, … Continue reading

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Going Mobile

It is remarkably easy to get jaded with the current state of the mobile games market – while there are a ton of high-quality games out there, so many of them are based on a f2p whale-hunting model that it’s … Continue reading

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Crimson Dragon: Side Story

I have a difficult time thinking of a group of gamers more easily abused than Sega Saturn fans. The system had a painfully early demise in the US and was by virtually every measure an abject failure, but the slightest … Continue reading

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ALL the tiles

Even though I dropped AT&T like a hot rock a few months ago, I still have a phone with AT&T baseband and am thus beholden to their rather pokey release schedule. So, while the rest of the world has been … Continue reading

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WP8, now with more Miku

OK, so this is kind of a silly thing to be happy about, but I found a neat application that allows me to make custom Windows Phone tiles out of images. So I took that app and this image and … Continue reading

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