Lara Croft GO is ridiculously good, and I want more.


I’ve been working hard at making this the Year I Finally Get The Backlog Under Control, and so far I’ve finished nearly 60 games.

This isn’t something I’d be able to do if I was trying to be a completionist, so I’ve been playing games until I hit the end credits and calling it good at that point.

I definitely HAVEN’T been doing anything like this:



Truth be told, I really wanted the excuse to spend more time with Lara Croft GO, and hunting down all the craftily-hidden relics in the game gave me an excuse.  It also unlocked a costume that will make instant sense to anyone who played the original Saturn game back in nineteen-ninety-whenever…


…even if it may trigger a flashback to one of the more gruesome deaths from a game that had plenty of gruesome deaths to share.

It’s pretty unusual to get Windows Phone support from a major publisher, and they really knocked it out of the park with this one.

I’m dearly hoping that this is followed up with some level packs.  I’m out of excuses to keep playing 🙂

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