Two things:

  1. I am no longer amazingly pink.  I am instead a rather distasteful yellow color.
  2. These aren’t pants.  I’ve worn pants.  Lots of pants.  I am familiar with pants.  These, these aren’t pants.


In other news, in case you’re curious, FFXIV does in fact have bouncing chest physics.  Not to the degree of Dead or Alive, but I think it may be the first MMO I’ve seen where that was a thing.

In SLIGHTLY more serious news, I managed to get to level 15 and knocked out the first class-specific skill quest.  I’m having enough fun that I tracked down a copy of the game at a local Fred Meyer’s, so I guess the free trial worked out exactly as they planned.

This isn’t going to help the backlog one bit. 🙂 At least it has a story line that I can “finish”, right?


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  1. Lovelly blog you have


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