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I didn’t like Okami (for about three hours)

I’ve been playing between two and five hours of Okami a night, and I think I’m about halfway through as of this writing. I’m past the Big Plot Tw… I probably shouldn’t say that.  I’m past what seems to have … Continue reading

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Karaoke for MEN

OK, not really karaoke for men, unless they’re really really secure men, but perhaps karaoke for people looking for a challenge. See, I’m a fan of aggressively girly fast-paced Japanese singers, like Kotoko and Perfume, both of whom turn up … Continue reading

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A Winner Is Me

So, there was a post on Kotaku a few days ago where they mentioned that x soft drink company was running a contest where you could win one of a few different digitally-distributed games, provided you gave them an email … Continue reading

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Pudding, Necromorphs, and the Yen Exchange Rate

I gave rice pudding another shot, this time taking the leftover coconut rice from the other day and applying it to this recipe, leaving out the raisins, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It worked really well.  I don’t know if I’m going … Continue reading

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In Another Club

This time, an official club, not an unofficial fraternity like the Brotherhood of the Dead Xboxen, which was the last club I became an – unwilling – member of. No, see, Nintendo finally launched their Club Nintendo points-for-rewards scheme, and … Continue reading

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20 Months Later…

One of my very first posts was me talking about how I’d gone through the backlog, picked out half-a-dozen of the most critically acclaimed games I owned, and then set all of them aside and played Shenmue instead. To save … Continue reading

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I’m, uh, Coco for Coconuts?

I continued my dessert making theme by trying to duplicate a dessert that my wife used to get at a thai restaurant that we no longer live anywhere near. It is, basically, coconut-flavored sticky rice with coconut ice cream on … Continue reading

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Fear, Expanded:

The basic premise behind an expansion pack, like FEAR : Extraction Point, is pretty simple and one which I approve of – if you liked a game, it gives you some more of the same thing, and then adds a … Continue reading

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Pudding: Round 2

The rice pudding from the other night tasted quite good, but had a very chewy texture that didn’t really go hand-in-hand with the whole idea of “pudding”.  I was willing to put up with it, but it didn’t go over … Continue reading

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Spiky Haired Freaks And Me

It’s been a bit over a decade since my wife and I played through Final Fantasy VII, but one thing sticks with me. Well, a few things, really.  Chocobo racing, giant nasty sandworms, flower girls meeting unfortunate ends… but mostly … Continue reading

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