Karaoke for MEN

OK, not really karaoke for men, unless they’re really really secure men, but perhaps karaoke for people looking for a challenge.

See, I’m a fan of aggressively girly fast-paced Japanese singers, like Kotoko and Perfume, both of whom turn up in an awful lot of MAD movies – and, in Kotoko’s case, in a really startling number of anime and eroge songs.

While browsing through eroge OP movies, I ran across “Princess Bride“, which has a Kotoko song that is terribly, terribly catchy, and after listening to it a few times I went looking for the full length version on youtube.

I found it.  More specifically, I found a video where someone had thoughtfully overlaid the lyrics, in romaji, on a black background.   You know, just in case you wanted to try to sing along.

If anyone CAN sing that fast without professional training and possible cyborg implants, you have my deepest respect.

Oh, and when looking up a link for Princess Bride, I found that there’s a Visual Novel Database, something which I was completely unaware of before now, so this next link is simply so I’ll remember it exists:

Visual Novel Database

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