Pudding: Round 2

The rice pudding from the other night tasted quite good, but had a very chewy texture that didn’t really go hand-in-hand with the whole idea of “pudding”.  I was willing to put up with it, but it didn’t go over so well with my better half and took an awful lot of work… so that’s a fail.

I have a couple of other recipes for rice pudding that I’ll try next – they have the advantage of starting with leftover rice, and we have a lot of leftover rice these days.

But, tonight, I went straight for the Grand Prize of pudding – at least, as far as I’m concerned – and made up a casserole dish of bread pudding, using an Amish bread pudding recipe I’d found on the net.

The inherent contradictions in the previous statement are the freaking definition of irony, as far as I’m concerned.

It was a little mushy – I didn’t leave the bread out to get stale, I think that would have made a big difference – but it tasted great AND went over well with my wife.

So that’s a Big Win.

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