I’m, uh, Coco for Coconuts?

I continued my dessert making theme by trying to duplicate a dessert that my wife used to get at a thai restaurant that we no longer live anywhere near.

It is, basically, coconut-flavored sticky rice with coconut ice cream on top.  “Handmade” coconut ice cream, as the restaurant’s web site proudly proclaims.

Well, if they wouldn’t stoop to using packaged coconut ice cream, then how could I?

So not only did I make some Thai Coconut Rice, I whipped up some Coconut Ice Cream to go along with it.  Without, I’ll point out, an ice cream maker.  Ice cream takes an awfully long time to freeze, by the way, and you do have to stir it fairly often during the freezing process, but apart from that it really wasn’t too hard to do.

The sole downside is that we have an awful lot of leftovers; I’ll have to see if I can turn the rice into some sort of coconut rice pudding.

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