Cooking with Pig, also Vista

Yesterday was another good day for cooking without setting off smoke alarms.  I made up and froze a pound and a half of “Char Siu” BBQ pork for future use in fried rice, which will save me a ton of money over buying the pre-prepared BBQ pork slices from the asian section of the supermarket deli, and I managed to cook up a bunch of tonkatsu without burning any of them.

I did have to buy a roaster.  I didn’t expect that, but apparently it’s a good thing to have and it was only ten bucks.  Thing is huge, though, I need to find somewhere to store it.

I also finally installed Vista on a machine here.  Personally, I would be happy to stick with XP until Windows 7 comes out, but my wife’s laptop came with Vista installed and my father’s PC runs Vista, and it’s a bit embarrassing when they ask me questions and I have to admit ignorance.

So, I took one of the free Vista upgrade DVDs that I got back in 2007, apologized profusely to my laptop, and did unspeakable things to it.

After backing it up, of course, which took several hours and turned out to not have been necessary as the upgrade disc thoughtfully moved all the existing stuff on the laptop to a “.old” directory for me.

But, still, if I HADN’T run a backup, I’m sure that it would have deleted everything and laughed.

Getting Office 2007 on there was a bit more annoying.  I bought Office 2007 through the “Ultimate Steal” promotion back in August, where you could get Office 2007 Ultimate for 60 bucks, but I hadn’t installed it yet.  I’d downloaded the install package at the time, of course, but I’d checked the “send me a real DVD” box on the form and had more-or-less been putting off installing until I actually got the DVD.

Which I still haven’t gotten, by the way.  I realized yesterday that it had been 12 weeks since their last email of “we’re a bit behind, you should have it in 8 weeks”, so I sent them off a nastygram and hope to get some response eventually.

In the meanwhile, I decided to go ahead and install from the download package, which didn’t work out so well.  It seems that there’d been some sort of download issue – the installer would start to run, get about 10% in, throw up an “error during extraction” message, and exit.

Mind you, I couldn’t RE-download it, because you only have a 30 day window for downloads.

I fumed a bit.

Fortunately, I was able to borrow a retail DVD of Office Ultimate and install it with the license number from the “Ultimate Steal” promotion, but if I hadn’t had that option I would be in a right nasty mood today.

The end result, after all the installing and downloading updates, and then downloading updates that I didn’t have access to until after downloading the first set of updates, and then downloading and installing Service Pack 1, which I didn’t have access to until after the second round of updates, and then downloading a few updates that apparently postdated service pack 1… is that I have a working Vista laptop, and now I just need to learn how it works before the next time I get asked a question. 🙂

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