Evil Plans, Go!

I have the next five days off work.

Now that I’ve finished the video capture / encode / edit project, I have one more Big Goal, which is to say: Get our digital crap sorted out.

Stage 1: Taking my wife’s old desktop, that she doesn’t use much since she got her laptop, and making it into a server.  Sadly, the two weeks of godawful snow we had in Oregon have delayed the 1TB drive I ordered for this purpose, but I’m hoping that it arrives tomorrow.

Step 1 of stage 1: Using GPartEd to carve a 30GB chunk out of the 225GB drive she has now, hopefully without destroying her machine in the process.  (I should add, step 0 of stage 1 was to back-up her documents first, because I’m no fool)

Step 2 of stage 1: Installing the copy of Windows Server 2008 that Microsoft kindly gave me for being a student.

More steps and stages as they come up.

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