Suck it, Sisyphus

I have ranted before about the problem of having been too much a fanboy back in the analog media days.   That problem, basically, is that I had a massive pile of analog media around taking up space, slowly degrading, and making me keep VHS decks and laserdisc players around.

About four years ago, I started trying to do something about that – buying replacements on DVD where I could, downloading where I couldn’t, and, for the stuff that I had that was too obscure even for that, capturing to MPEG-2 and then converting to divx format.

Most of this was completed by, oh, August of this year.  That is to say, most of it except the stuff that was going to be a pain.

The pain category consisted of about a dozen tapes, quite a few of them six-hour long tapes, of Random Stuff, mostly off-air recordings of MST3K episodes.

All of these needed to be edited, chopped up into episodes, and – and this bit was especially painful – the commercials carefully chopped out.

I finally got down to the task this last weekend.  It took me about 30 minutes per tape to find and mark all the commercials and then about 5 hours per tape to do the encoding to divx format, but it is done.

Now, if I ever get the crazy urge to watch Night of the Blood Beast or Robot Versus the Aztec Mummy, well, I can do it – and, on that day, it will all have been worth it.

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