A weekend to-do list:

To do this weekend:

1) Write a 3-page REL101 paper.

2) Study for JPN301 midterm

3) Attend a football game.  Yes, you read that right, an actual sporting event.  No, I don’t know the actual rules to the sport, but if I’m paying $3000 a term I’m going to take advantage of a free ticket.  Also, inasmuch as I’m attending a, if I get the term right, a “Pac-10” school, there’s a good chance that the simulated violence on field will be echoed by actual violence between the players off the field, which should be entertaining.

3.1) For the record, I understand most of the rules to baseball, so I have at least some slight claim to being a man.

3.2) Except the infield fly rule.  I used to know that one, but I’ve forgotten it.

3.3) Look, I was on the chess team in high school, all right?

3.4) Mind you, I was kicked off the chess team because it was – officially – a sports (stop laughing, you) team, and my GPA was less than the minimum GPA required of (again, quit with the laughing) student athletes.

3.5) No, really.

3.6) At least I wasn’t on the debate team.

4) Attend at least one Halloween party at school, again for much the same reason as the football game.

5) Write up a big gosh-darned list of anime recommendations for the blog, because it will let me reminisce about the good old days when Artmic ruled the OVA roost and Gainax actually knew how to write a half decent ending.  So that’s been a while.

6) Sit here feeling rather smug about spelling “Reminisce” correctly on the first go.  Wait, I’m already doing that.  One milestone down!



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