Weekend goals, an update

Did: Finish my 3-page paper on Confucianism for REL101; go me!

Didn’t: actually get any studying for my JPN301 midterm done.  At least I still have four hours until class.

Did: attend the football game.  My school’s team was winning at the halfway mark and it was starting to rain, so I decided to leave and beat the rush.  Turns out we won, which is good inasmuch as it puts everyone in high spirits. As a side note, it took two hours to play half a game.  If they could somehow get the whole game done in that time, I think that would be better; I rather enjoyed the time I spent there but I can’t fathom the concept of spending four hours watching the same event.

Did: Attend the Halloween events on-campus both nights, including going to both dances and participating in the costume contest; didn’t win mind you but when you’re 15 years older than most of your classmates, you get a certain sense of accomplishment from simply being able to keep up with them.  🙂

Didn’t: manage to do a long write up of anime recommendations.  Once I started the task, it grew huge pretty fast.  It’s still a good idea for a post, I’ll get back to it.

Overall, more done than not done.  A good weekend.


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