Horrible, inexcusable and generally wrong

I’ve been making more time in my life to actually sit down and watch anime.  I haven’t followed any shows regularly since, oh, Clannad, and that’s been a couple of years, so there’ve been lots to choose from.

I notice that fansubbers have once again made a technological leap forward, and that the new trend in fansub distribution involves stripping the OP and ED out of episodes and packaging them alongside the files with the actual episode contents, to save space.  This works fine if you’re on Windows, using whatever media playback software they’ve decided to bless as the Correct Way And To Hell With All The Rest, but there aren’t any Mac media players that handle it yet which is something of a pain.

I’d get fussed about it, but I realize that most fansubbers are young guys, and I remember pretty well that I used to be pretty firm on the Correct Way To Do Things And To Hell With All The Rest back when I was a young guy, so I figure there’s nothing to be gained by getting fussed about it.

Anyway, that’s not horrible, nor is it inexcusable.  It’s something they’ll grow out of, and in the meanwhile they’re translating lots of anime for me to leech.

What is wrong is that I’ve been watching K-On!, and my brain persists in forcing the term “Deus Ex Mugina” on me every time Mugi has to save the day using her wealth / family connections / ability to pull cakes out of the Hammerverse.

It’s not really that clever and it’s not really even a GOOD bad pun, and I really wish it would get out of my head.

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7 Responses to Horrible, inexcusable and generally wrong

  1. Xiao Long Nu says:

    Heyo! Bit random, but I happened to stumble on ur blog after googling tokidoki. I read several of ur blogs on ur wife’s army of Qees, etc, etc, then realized those were 2007’s blogs! So I’m commenting on the most recent blog of urs that I can find and just wanna say I really like ur writing style and writing personally. Its down to earth and absolutely funny (at least the tokidoki blogs). As for the anime on anything besides PC, it is a shame, but that’s y I go for PC’s ‘coz a fair # of comp programs just seem more PC friendly, esp free ware which I’m a big fan of. Also, for anime, I’d recommend Gintama (after ep 4) if u haven’t tried that yet: it’s horribly crazy funny with tons of japanese allusions to old anime, manga, and culture and recent world events and American figures too (like Will Smith and Obama). That’s the top shonen 1 I like for the moment. However, for something more recent like year: try Bakemonogatori aka GhoStory. It’s pretty good with it’s cultural allusions, word plays, story like set-ups/ plot, variety of OPs, and it’s decent anime for an adult-paced mind and sense of humor. However, I’d say my current fav anime is a shojo one called “Glass Mask.” But I don’t think shojo appeals to most guys. Ne who, happy Anime-ing!


    • baudattitude says:

      Hey, thanks for the comments – and the recommendations! I am really out of touch with what’s good right now, so I will check them out.

      I used to watch a ton of shojo anime; some of my favorite shows of all time are things like Utena and Marmalade Boy, but lately I’ve been watching more guy-oriented shows. I think it’s because they’ve started putting more romantic comedy elements into guy shows while also pumping up the action and gag elements.

      Anyway, it’s good to hear from someone who stumbled across the site, even if it wasn’t what you were looking for in the first place. My wife’s tokidoki addiction has been dormant for a couple of years. 🙂

      (She did buy a new bag a month or so ago, some sort of mostly black & white print with color highlights that is actually really neat)


      • Xiao Long Nu says:

        hehe. Marmalade boy is one of my old school favs along w/ Sailormoon. Hmmm, I used to do anime marathons and came up with the following ratings a while ago for shoujo and shonen. It should last you for a while. Cheers!

        9/10 Sailor Moon seasons 1-5 (I like season 1, 2, and 5 the best. One of the classics of shoujo anime and one of the most iconic.)

        9.5/10 Glass Mask (Great plot, story delivery, bgm, voice actors, story pace, and in depth reflection of the actoring world.)

        9/10 Hakushaku to Yousei (I have a soft spot for this series but a fair number may think this should be in the 8-9 ish category. Voice acting/ character persona, BGM, and character animation (not including fluidity necessary) was WELL DONE. Story delivery (suspense and anticipation invocation), pace and plot was strong the beginning but tapered off in the end. It’s shoujo and the characters are chock full of bishonen, though the protagonist is pretty too.)
        8-9/10 Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 1 and 2 (Season 1 is better in my opinion though. Season 2 starts leaning a bit towards acquiring your archeic Chinese soap opera syndromes.)

        8-9/10 Ouran High School (The animation and soundtrack isn’t award winning or anything, but the whole series is so funny and endearing that its one of my favorites.)

        8-9/10 Skip Beat (Great manga and great anime, it’s a shame there is not season two though.)

        8/10 Junjou Romantica (Yaoi, but pretty good. Overall the storylines are pretty sweet and touching and well-timed comic relief. I haven’t seem much yaoyi that pulls it off this kind of a balance without too much overkill into the fanservice, so I’m giving props to this one.)

        8/10 Trinity blood (post apocolytic-like setting in the future where 1/2 of the race is human (Terran) and 1/2 Methuselah (Vampire – though the term is considered derogatory towards Methuselah) and where old historical powers are alluded to as the Holy Roman Empire accounts of the human empire and the Bzyantine Empire accounts for the Methuselah. Interesting in-depth political manuvers and power plays and somewhat dark. Character personalities and growth is seen but could be better protrayed or more in depth and a little more realisitic (otherwise I’d give this series a 9, although I feel the story delivery could be a bit better too)).

        7-8/10 Karin (Story about an atyical, cute and funny vampire who can not only walk underthe sun, but produces blood instead of drinking it.)

        7-8/10 Special A (Had a similar vibe to Ouran but the atmosphere felt younger and the protagonist always being 2nd best got old after a while.)

        7-8/10 Chrome Shelled Regios

        7/10 Sola (I didn’t watch to the end though since it was a bit too slow-paced for me.)

        6.5-7/10 Haruhi Suzumiya (note, the original order of the ep’s are not chronological)

        6.5-7/10 Princess Tutu (great reindicitons of classical ballet music. the award winning trailer amv was stunning too.)

        6-7/10 Vampire Knight

        6-7/10 Hime Resurrection

        6-7/ 10 xxxholic (Meh. I watched the dubbed version since it was availble via hulu or veoh, but dubbs usually turn me off.)

        8/10 Tsubasa chronicles (Shonen series. Good plot construct and is intricate as it’s related to xxxholic and cardcaptor sakura. magical themed and adventured based. Character personalities are well varied. The ova’s are pretty good too. However, the series isn’t fleshed out enough in terms of dialogue and realism and pace for me to give it a higher grade.)

        8-9 honey and clover (Josei targeted audience, slice of life and incrediably detailed + powerful ending, caution though: it’s realtively slow paced, but that’s expected for slice of life themed anime I guess)

        8/10 lamune (sweet memorable anime, slice of life (thus slow paced), sweet memorable ending)

        8-9 it started with a kiss: swt story line

        9/10 princess monoke (historical landmark anime)

        8-9 howl’s moving castle Myazaki film

        8-9/10 Grave of the fireflies: anti-war theme really sad, i cried and cried.

        8-9/10 Earthsea Myazaki’s son’s film, also based on on my of fav.book series

        9/10 Nausica wind of the valley (historical landmark anime)

        9.5/10 spirited away: master piece of cultural folk hertiage meets modern day japan, friendship, self believe, ecological polution affects of humanity

        9/10 Mushi for an anime to be dubbed to sound good props

        6-7 Kiddy Grade: interesting and totally unexpected plot twist mid-series makes it memorable

        8-9/10 Batman beyond (English animation, but it’s a refreshing look at Batman post Bruce Wayne. + Protagonist Terry is cute and his seiyuu’s voice is nicely done too.)

        8-9/10 Invasion America (1998 English animation, WB prime time. It’s a shame they never continued it and it was never released on DVD, but the plot was pretty engaging.)

        8-9/10 Kuroshitsuji (Intially I wasn’t that impressed, but later on once I understood just how darkly contrived this series was I changed my mind.)

        6-7/10 Maria+holic (Unconventional story setup and plot twist. + I never thought the day would come where I’d see a female character going gya-gya so BADLY archetyical of ecchi male anime characters, but it’s definately eye opening. Props for the humor. One of the reasons this anime scores relatively low is ‘coz I feel the overall story pace moves to slow, recycling the same conflict over and over.)

        9/10 Ryoko (the detective) (a bit of a 1920s and 50’s feel + a dash of Sherlock Homes and James Bond in the form of a cool-headed smart female police officer with personality and power who solves supernatural mysteries while chasing down the super villians. The episodes are concisely structured and character interelationships clearly laided out to the audience’s eye. However, I never got bored for a single episode. Also, the series does wonderfully well for one being narrated from 2nd person point of view (like Sherlock Holmes). Interestingly enough, the opening credits is against sillouettes of Ryoko herself, much like your James Bond movies. Lastly, the bgm is pretty good. Mainly jazz. Also, the ED song changes with every episode.)

        6/10 Princess Princess (Interesting plot setup with light yaoi: 3 boys are forced to dress up as an all-boy’s school’s mascot girls since the student body is deprived of female company. However, the boys are compensated with free textbooks, pocket money, free lunch tickets, etc in exchange for the fan service. 2 of the boys do it willingly and 1 unwillingly. It’s interesting to see how all this plays out, but other than that the series didn’t stike a deep cord with me.)

        8/10 Perfect Girl Revolution (I’m not really taken in by the animation, as it’s a bit too stiff and old fashioned for me. However, the series at times is pretty funny with a dark twist from the protagonist. The series is reminescent of Ouran High School meets desperate scary girl who needs a make over. My money is mostly on the humor, but if I had to say so, the story construct is a bit weak after time.)

        8-9/10 Marmalade Boy (old school classic bgm and atmosphere. pace is decent although filled with many cliffhangers and love triangles equivalent of a soap opera. However, the premise is pretty interesting: 2 separate married couples met each other while vacating at Hawaii and decide to switch partners and remarry. However, to ensure that neither children from each original couple feel separated from their parents, they all decide to live together. In short, each child now has two moms and two dads under one roof (one from the previous marriage and one from the new one). The children (or actually teenagers) are Miki (girl) and Yuu (boy), whose personalities are polar opposites. Miki expresses her thoughts openly without hesitation while Yuu, despite his friendly demeanor, often keeps his to himself. Thus Miki nicknames him Marmalade boy, someone who is bittersweet like marmalade. (I don’t think I completely ever got that derivation though.) Miki remains the only one unreceptive to the new marriage arrangement and thus the anime devotes itself to exploring her relationship with her new family, especially her step-brother.

        7-.7.5/10 Claymore (It’s for shonen, or rather probably more seinen. It’s a medival setting where man is plagued by demons called yoma, and thus created Claymores: hybrids of humans and yoma to defeat the human-eatting creatures. However, things go awry when man tries to play god. For one, Claymores can only fight actively so long before they recind into a yoma-like nature and lose their humanity. However, this story focuses on the challenges the Claymore Clare faces in retaining her humanity as she pursues revenge in the name of a lost one.

        6-7/10- winter garden (OVA, shoujo, but is barely related to it’s original series. it’s more of a look at what happens to the characters years after the original series, when they’ve grown up. It’s themed a slice of life and it’s not bad. The characters are realistically cute. However, the OVA is a little too slow-paced for me.)

        8.5/10 – Ghost in the Shell 1 & 2 and Stand Alone Complex season 1. (I liked the story concept and deep though-provoking themes in the movies. For the tv series, I liked the pace and the personal backgrounds drawn. I’m rating all 3 works an overall 8.5 for the amazing mecha-humanity questions it draws but found the overall atmosphere of the movies a little to seinen for me to stomach. (Detatched killing and detatched nudity, although it fits very well with the title.) I’d also like to mention this is another iconic series. Ghost in the shell had a fair amount of influence/ inspiration for the matrix. Really questions where do you draw the line between mecha and humans in both movies, with one being from more of a 1st person perspective and a question of self identity, self-entity, and recreation, and with two being from a “2nd person”/ Badou’s perspective and from a societal point of view, questioning of borders of ethics as well. Also, the animation in the 2nd movie (the background) was pretty amazing.)

        7-8/10 Elfen Lied (Although there is ecchi, romance, and humor, the detatched nudity + detatched killings definately over colors the series. A bit too seinen for my usual taste and I normally wouldn’t have watched it, but the aliteration and artwork of the opening theme drew me in with the story concept ensuing next. Unusual and avant garde opening and title. Wiki does a good job explaining, so i’ll leave the details of the opening outwork out. As for the story concept, it explores the themes of social alienation, identity, child abuse, nature vs. nurture, revenge, and the value of humanity with the protagonist Lucy/ Nyu. Lucy is a Dicolnius, supposedly the Eve of Dicolniuses, a new covertly emerging race along side with humans, similar to humans cept with horns and telekinetic powers. In fact, they are offshoots of the human race. Lucy spends most of her childhood alienated as a monster only to be captured later as an experimental subject. The series begins with her dramatic escape from the lab into the sea and emergence of the new persona Nyu within her after her ascension from the sea. The name Lucy is in reference to the first Australopithecus specimen found.)

        7/10 Antique Bakery (Has some light Yaoi, shoujo category. Story is about a man who quits his high-profile and successful business life to of all things start a cake shop. The cakery is named Antique and somehow finds itself with a bishonen staff. The artwork is not bad. The story is spiced with flashbacks, humor, slice of life moments, and good looking desserts.)

        6-7/10 Witchblade (Shonen – seinen category with some fan service. The plot concept is loosely based off the American comic Witchblade, cept set in the future with a new heroine. Interestingly enough it revolves around a mother and her daughter instead of a single girl with or girl with her bf or something.)

        6.5-7.5/10 Scrapped Princess: anime drawing for 2003 is not bad and the story line is not bad. A good fushion of fantasy and sci-fi, tho it doesn’t seem sci fi at 1st.

        7/10 Pandora Hearts
        8-9/10 Phantom Requiem for Phantom
        8/10 ShangriLa (Animation is GREAT, and story pace is great, the character developement and persona is intriguing, but I just hate how I can never see the fully picture with every episode. Also, the land’s developement is a little too slow)
        6-7/10 Ghost 07

        8/10 Tower of Drauga


      • baudattitude says:

        That’s… a heck of a lot of recommendations, and I think at least 80% are brand new to me – as in, I’ve never even heard of them, much less seen any episodes.

        You do have a few shows I really liked on your list – especially Honey and Clover, that was a great series – and I agree with your ratings for the most part, so I’ll use it as a jumping off point when I’m looking for inspiration. Thanks again! 🙂

        It seems you mostly like the most serious Ghibli movies, since you skip from Nausicaa all the way to Mononoke; have you not seen the more lighthearted ones or are they just not to your tastes? I really enjoyed Kiki’s Delivery Service and Whisper of the Heart, for example.


  2. Xiao Long Nu says:

    sry. in the last comment, “writing personally” = writing personality


  3. Xiao Long Nu says:

    sry again for typos. correction for 1st comment:
    “something more recent like year” = something more recent like THIS year

    “story like set-ups” = story set up


  4. Xiao Long Nu says:

    Haha. Yah, I’m a lil bit of an anime junkie (at least for the past 2 years). And Ur welcomes!

    Hmm, I don’t think I’ve seem too many light-hearted Ghibli films cept for My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s delivery service. I enjoyed both films very much as a child, but as a grew up I felt they felt more fleeting impressions on me as opposed to Miyazaki’s anti-war themed and pro-eco themed films, which just really resonated with me. Also, I guess I mainly followed Ghibli because I was a Miyazki fan. However, thank you very much for letting me know of Whisper of the Heart. I’ll give it a shot and let you kno how it goes!


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