More phone lust

Before the Nokia 6630, I had a Motorola RAZR V3.  I confess that I chose it largely because, well, it looks really neat.  Also, it’s a quad band phone, which the T-Mobile guys assured me meant that I could use it anywhere in the known world.

That “anywhere in the known world” excludes Japan and South Korea.  I’m not real likely to go back to Seoul any time soon (Although I did enjoy my trip there in 1994), but I rather like visiting Japan, so it rather irked me that I’d fallen for the salesguy hype without doing adequate research first.   It still looked really neat, so it had that going for it.

The Nokia, well, it doesn’t have the instant recognition factor of the RAZR or a Blackberry – it’s not going to turn any heads.  On the other hand, the keyboard makes text entry easy, it has a pretty nice web browser – so I can actually check traffic reports and look stuff up on Amazon – and it has an email client build in so I can check gmail from wherever I happen to be at the time.  In short, I feel DISTURBINGLY connected, and I haven’t even started loading it up with applications.  I am, however, sending enough text messages that I might want to drop the extra 5 bucks a month on the cheapest texting plan T-mobile offers.

I got my 1GB MMC card from Newegg today, which went right in and formatted nicely and in general was as invisible as you want a hunk of flash memory to be, and I got a Jabra BT350 headset that was DOA.  Thing won’t even charge.  It was just cheap enough that I don’t know if I want to bother trying to get a replacement, but just expensive enough that I’m rather vexed with myself for being willing to write it off.

With the MMC card, the not-bad-for-a-cellphone camera becomes a viable option.  It takes 1280×960 pictures, nothing in comparison to the Sony DSC-W55 but four times better than the RAZR’s camera.  I can even apparently record up to an hour of postage-stamp-size video should I go that route.

When I first started trying to get pictures off the phone, I was rather annoyed because I couldn’t browse the phone FROM the Mac mini.  That’s what I did with the RAZR, after all.  I didn’t realize that I could tell the phone to send them TO the mini over bluetooth.  It was quite a surprise when I tried it and the mini popped up a dialog telling me that it was receiving a file, and did I want to allow the transfer?

The advantages of being a diehard pessimist is that when things actually work in a reasonable manner it’s a really nice surprise.
My sole justification for ending this with yet another picture of the phone is this: I found a cool wallpaper for it.  Nobody I work with and nobody I’m likely to be around will ever “get” this wallpaper.  By putting it up here I assume that someone out there will see it and say, “Hey, cool Haruhi wallpaper!” and I will have found the self validation I so desperately crave.


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