Great Moments in PC Gaming

“Laputan Machine”

There really is no way to explain that without spoiling a major plot point in Deus Ex, so I recommend – if you aren’t one of the gazillion people who played through the game five years ago when it was actually a new game – that you find a copy of Deus Ex ($10 off Steam!), play through it for roughly 15-20 hours, and get to the point in the game where you get to say “Laputan Machine”

If you have already played it, I expect you have a bit of a manic grin on your face right now. I know I did, and then I reloaded my last save so I could watch it again, and then once more just for good measure.

“Laputan Machine”

Truly glorious.

“Let’s Learn Japanese” progress: Lesson 12/52 finished. Starting to get into plain forms for verbs. Still mostly review so far, though there have been a couple of new grammar points. I’m realizing how halting my speech is, though – I want to pause every time I say a particle, when I should just be powering through them.

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