I’d like to thank, uh, I’m not really sure…

All I know is that, between 1999 and 2007, I bought a bunch of graphics cards, mostly for the purpose of making Everquest look better.

Kind of a sad statement that, but it’s more or less true.

Your average graphics card comes with a couple of CDs of bundled software. Generally it’s, you know, drivers, maybe a copy of PowerDVD, sometimes you get a game.

At least one graphics card – I have no idea which anymore – came with a copy of Deus Ex. This got shoved in a drawer, and I put the new graphics card in and went “ooh” and “ahh” about how much better Everquest looked or ran. Years later, when I decided to install it, I no longer remembered what it was bundled WITH.

So, nameless graphics card company, I thank you.

I did not appreciate your fine bundled software at the time, and I was remiss in my lack of appreciation.

To sum up: I finished Deus Ex. And it was Good.

Excluding MMOs, which are really their own little category, I have a bit of a “console mindset” when it comes to gaming – I like to have a fair bit of linearity in story-driven games, and being told something is an “open world” makes me worry, just a bit, that the story has taken a back-seat to setting up, frankly, multiplayer deathmatch arenas with a barebones single-player campaign tacked on. Unfairly or not, that’s kind of what PC gaming looks like from the viewpoint of this console snob. At least in the case of this game, I am happy to admit my mistake.

Also: Serious kudos to the designers for managing to do the “multiple endings” thing without stooping to the overused “this is the BAD ending. if you wanted the GOOD ending, you should have … way back in level 3” Getting to, at the end, basically decide “here are the three options I have to choose from… now, what do I honestly believe is the right path?”… is there a Cult of Warren Spector? How do I sign up? Do I get to wear a cool hooded robe and chant?

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