Translator’s Nightmare?

I watched the 2005 movie “Linda, Linda, Linda” tonight.

It’s Ouendan’s fault, by the way.

I got hooked on the Blue Hearts song in the game so I looked it up on stage6 to see if there was a video, wound up bumping into the movie trailer instead, watched that, decided I needed to see if anyone had translated it, went to google and found that it was licensed for the US… and several months later, it’s been released and I’ve seen it.

Lots of fun, very slow paced in parts but definitely worth seeing. Nice mix of a buddy movie, a nostalgic high school movie, and a band movie.

Anyone watching this who can’t tell when the speech switches to Korean, which it does a couple of times during the movie, is going to miss part of the experience. The subtitles don’t mention it when it occurs, and you wind up not really “getting” a couple of the funnier bits.

That said, I have no clue how they COULD have made it work so I will cut them slack.

I’m not really a person that follows actresses, well, except for a quite understandable fixation on Drew Barrymore, but when I saw on the back of this that Maeda Aki had also been the heroine in Battle Royale I went looking to imdb and found that somehow, without trying, I’d wound up owning five of her movies. One of those weird coincidences…

“Let’s Learn Japanese” progress: 2/52

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