It’s my birthday, and I wants it.

A couple of weekends ago, when we were in Los Angeles, we stopped at Westside Pavillion so my wife could look at the stores there for Tokidoki bags.  My primary mission, of course, was to talk her out of buying any.

Side note: She didn’t buy a one.  Her self-control is magnificent.

It did show that, even though I think of Portland as a pretty decent-sized city, it’s got its shortcomings.  While I myself am not a fan of the bags, it was disturbing to see how, across different stores in the same chain, the Los Angeles stores got a much wider selection of styles than the Portland stores.  I suppose we simply don’t rate.

That aside, there was also an anime goods store in the same mall, and they carried some of the other character goods, including the PVC Mozzarella figure I’d admitted was my one point of weakness regarding the franchise.

I am a pain to shop for, so when my wife saw it, she declared it my birthday present.  Meanwhile I’d found a Saki-in-Cosplay figure from Genshiken that needed to come home with us… in the less than spacious carry-on bags we’d brought so we wouldn’t have to deal with checking luggage.  It wasn’t going to happen.  We asked the friendly shop owner if he could ship them to us, he agreed, forgave us the sales tax, charged us some extra for shipping, and put them aside.

We left the store, me with some misgivings, and eventually made our way back home.

A week passed with no sign of them.  I called.  Explained the situation.  Got promised it’d be checked in to and I’d get a call back.  Waited a day.  Called again.  Found out that, in what was I suppose a perfectly reasonably goof-up, one of the other employees at the store had seen the set-aside figures, decided they were stock that needed to be re-shelved, and shelved them.  Fortunately they hadn’t been sold, especially since apparently they still had the receipt from our purchase attached to them.

Eventually they arrived, and it triggered an orgy of depackaging that extended to two figures that had been languishing in their plastic sarcophagi since their  purchases in Japan back in December of 2005, and now I share pictures with you that point out (a) my rampant and horrible fanboyism and (b) my urgent need to DUST before I take pictures and put them up on the web.

Mozzarella, guarding the top of a speaker.


Saki and Nene


A “Mon-sieur BOME” Bunny-girl figure.  For reasons I do not properly comprehend, the figure’s name is “densha bunny girl”, which is probably a reference to the Densha Otoko saga, and I am simply not cool enough to get the reference or some such.


I’ve really been pretty good about not buying anime-related figures recently.  There are tons of them out there these days, and some very high quality ones, but I already have way too many cool figures confined to their packaging and am bad about making space to display stuff and cycling toys in and out of storage.

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