Goals for the summer

The big goal for the summer before school begins in September is to be good and ready for Japanese 201. Unfortunately I have the problem that, while I have a pretty decent vocabulary built up, a heck of a lot of it is “anime Japanese” which is… overly dramatic, at best, and flat-out rude at worst. I can filter out the rudeness pretty well, but toning down the drama level and beefing up the grammar are my priorities.

To that end, I’ve decided to try to, if nothing else, finish the entire Japan Foundation “Let’s Learn Japanese” video series and get through at least one first-year Japanese textbook. If I manage to do an episode a day of “Let’s Learn Japanese”, I shouldn’t have any problem hitting that part of the goal by September. I’ll be tracking them here to help shame me into not skipping days.

Current progress: 1/52.

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