Be the Captain…

It is no coincidence that the last Star Trek licensed game I played was Star Trek : Strategic Operations Simulator, a vector graphics arcade game released in 1982.  For some reason, the series has a reputation for attracting the worst sort of cash-in games, and I haven’t really been a fan of the show since Next Gen went off the air.

That having been said, when Next Gen WAS on the air, I used to watch it with a near-religious fervor every Saturday, and that explains the brief and compelling moment of nostalgia I experienced when flipping through a clearance bin at Sears several months ago and finding a copy of Star Trek Legacy for the 360 marked down to $7.97.

I’m playing it now because I’m actually running a little short on 360 games and it’s the most convenient system to play.  It’s this, Sneak King, or Eternal Sonata, really, unless I want to try another driving game or go insane and try to play through Viva Pinata.

It has a reputation for being pretty short, which I can appreciate even though I can’t corroborate it yet, and for having nice graphics, which I can report is also the case; at least, the ship models are quite nice looking.

I have a hell of a time actually controlling my ship, but it seems to be OK because I have three other AI-controlled ships on my side and they do an OK job of killing anything I can manage to target.

Unfortunately, every one of the three missions I’ve played thus far has some sort of “protect” element to it, but at least the game is somewhat forgiving if you let the occasional medical ship go down in flames while you’re protecting two other medical ships halfway across the map.

Also unfortunately, the game makes you start out playing through missions from the “Enterprise” era, which is not doing anything to feed my sense of nostalgia, but I understand that there are only 5 missions per era so I should be on to Classic-Trek-era missions soon enough.

After this, I’m going to need to play something REALLY naughty if I’m to have any hope of restoring my pervy-fanboy cred.

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