Trek Nostalgia: Satiated.

I can now confirm what I’d heard about Star Trek Legacy’s length: It’s a pretty short game, especially if you’re playing it on easy.

About the time you’re starting to feel really comfortable with the controls and flying your ships around and commanding your small fleet, you get a whole bunch of achivement points and then you get to watch ending credits.

Still, I paid 8 bucks for it.

It was definitely worth 8 bucks, once I got past the “Enterprise” missions, anyway.  The Kirk missions were great fun, and four out of five of the “Next Generation” missions were also great fun.

The exception being “Revelations”, which was mindbogglingly annoying and which is also the very first mission in the Next Generation storyline and which has a really long cutscene for you to sit through every time you restart the mission, which in my case was about 8 times.

It actually sent me running to Xbox forums to get tips, which I am somewhat shamed to admit because of the whole, you know, playing on Easy and everything.

On the other hand, “Revelations” starts with Picard assuming command of the Stargazer, which is one of those total-fanboy-glee-moments, and the storyline takes you all the way through until after the events of Nemesis and the end of Voyager.  It’s a neat way to bookend the whole Next Generation timeline.

OK, now I’m going to stop with the whole Trek thing; I’m starting to scare myself.

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