Pudding! Also, sheer abject terror.

It’s been a nice few days in the Portland area.  After waiting until, roughly, June, to get even a hint of spring, we’re getting a very sunny and warm fall to make up for it.

Because it was so bloody nice out on Saturday, my wife and I went out to the local open-air-mall, or, I think they call it, “Lifestyle Shopping Experience”.

Which means a mall where you get rained on, also you have to dodge people in cars because, while there is a large central area that is pedestrian-only, there are several restaurants and shops and theaters that you need to cross streets to get to.

But I digress.

Anyway, we saw this store:

And my thought process went something like this:

1) What the hell is that?

2) It’s a… pudding store?

3) I must eat there.

Turns out they serve rice pudding, 20 or so different flavors of rice pudding, and crepes and frozen yogurt.

Ordinarily I would say that they have the prospective lifespan of, oh, you remember when there were all those sock-only stores in the malls?  They lasted a good couple years, right?

On the other hand, in the few minutes it took us to order and enjoy our desserts – pumpkin pudding for me, strawberries and whipped cream in a crepe for my wife – several other people came in for pudding.  So they might just have a niche going.

It was enough to get us to go back the next day for more pudding, anyway.

That doesn’t have much to do with the post-Star-Trek-Legacy game of choice, which is Fatal Frame II : Crimson Butterfly : Director’s Cut, or maybe Fatal Frame II Director’s Cut Crimson Butterfly or Crimson Butterfly : Director’s Cut: Fatal Frame II or…

Look, the subtitles aren’t entirely unambiguous, all right?

Anyway, I rented this game back in, oh, November of 2004, and played it for about 2 hours.  I got up to the point where you meet the first hostile ghost you can’t actually fight with the camera, which meant that I also died a horrible painful death.

Then I returned it, because in 2004 I was in the heights of Everquest addiction and I was able to justify paying seven bucks to rent a game and then only playing it for 2 hours.

Then I got a $50 gift card for Fred Meyers for Christmas, and I spent it on a copy of, and let’s just avoid the whole name issue by just saying “Fatal Frame II”, Fatal Frame II to call my very own.

Oh, and I didn’t actually put it in the Xbox or anything silly like that, I put it on the shelf and went back to Everquest.

Flash forward to my post-playing-Bioshock-in-the-dark self, and suddenly I got the urge to take it off the shelf, open it – yes, open the four-year-old-shrinkwrap, I’m pathetic – and put it in the 360 and give it a spin.

I’ve been playing after dark, with the lights off, using headphones, and I believe that this is the Right And Proper Way to play this game, because it has managed to give me the serious spine crawls on several occasions.

I have gotten considerably past the point where I got back when I rented it, after devising an absolutely wonderful strategy for dealing with that ghost that I couldn’t damage with the camera.

I will share it with you: Run, screaming, like a little girl.

In addition to satisfying my sudden craving to play games that will make me jump, it also lets me try to get some of my Pervy Cred back.

It’s got twin sisters who run around in lacy outfits with short skirts, it’s got stairs, and it’s got a camera.

I spent several minutes of my valuable time trying to get the perfect panty shot for you, my faithful and perverted readers.  I didn’t have a lot of luck at it, and no way to transfer the in-game-photos to the PC, so I gave up.

You’ll just have to go and play it yourselves.

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