Would you kindly…

…share in my sense of accomplishment?

It took staying up far, far too late, but I am done with Rapture, and of course got the “mega happy” ending because I’m such a swell guy.

Enough good things have been said about the game that I don’t think I have much to add.  I especially enjoyed the Fort Frolic / Sander Cohen level, so I’m very happy to hear that the designer of that level is going to be doing the design work on the sequel.

I would not have minded at all if they’d left out the Point Prometheus and Proving Grounds levels – not because they were boring or anything, but after the Big Plot Twist Reveal, it did feel a little like they’d been tossed in to stretch out the ending.  This may be because I was already staying up way too late as is. 🙂

I’m kind of glad I didn’t get the 360 version because I felt no need to go all OCD in terms of achievements.

I did a pretty good job, I think, of scouting around for hidden diaries and stuff, but I still missed a few of ’em, and a few power-to-the-people machines, a couple of plasmids… that sort of thing.

If I had a Gamerscore to worry about, I think I might have made the game less than fun for myself trying to find them all.

I do sort of wish that I’d realized that research was helpful.  I got level one of research on every enemy type, the game gave me what I considered blatantly obvious hints (“Use antipersonnel ammunition on splicers!”), and I didn’t realize that, if I continued on with the whole photography thing, I’d eventually get auto-hack on certain types of machinery, extra damage against certain enemies, blah blah blah.

Kind of made things harder for myself that way.

Oh, well, even missing the point of research, playing on Normal instead of Easy, and not using vita chambers too often, it still never got all that frustrating.  There were several times when I felt really low on ammo, or med kits, or eve hypos, and just at the point where I was starting to get really worried, I’d stumble into a new cache of goodies and be good to go again.  That’s excellent pacing; it keeps the tension level up but never makes you feel completely outclassed.

I hear they’re working on a sequel and I am quite looking forward to playing it, approximately fourteen months after its release, when it also drops to the $20 price point.  🙂

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