What lurks within…

I have a good friend at school who’s a dual Digital Arts / Japanese major, and her professors give her some very odd assignments.

Not the Japanese professor, mind you.  She gives out perfectly normal assignments – they may make me feel really really dumb, but they’re perfectly normal.

But I digress.

Anyway, one of the assignments she got was to take the contents of someone else’s backpack or purse and make something out of them, and that led inevitably to me upending my backpack onto a table in the middle of our student union.

OK, see, so this is why she’s an artist and most of us aren’t:  I had an umbrella, a pair of gloves, some books, a couple of gaming systems, some fruit snacks and a stapler, and if you told me to make something out of them I’d probably have glued them all to a piece of poster board and prayed for a pity grade.  I might even have added some glitter.

What she got out of them was this:

I will at this point point you in the direction of both her DeviantArt page and the webcomic she’s been writing and drawing for the last seven years, because it’s some pretty keen stuff and you should go look at it.



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