Sorry, fellas, she’s taken.

So today was of course Valentine’s day, otherwise known as Christmas II for anyone in the flowers, chocolate, or jewelry industries.

For the record, I went with option (3), and got my wife a string of freshwater pearls and matching earrings.  Oh, and some slippers because I missed the fact that I was supposed to get them for her for Christmas I a couple of months ago.

In return, she got me:

Now, she had WAY too much fun with the first game – not playing it, mind you, but sneaking up behind me while I was playing it and making me jump – so I’m not entirely sure this was a gift for me so much as it promises to be hours of fun for HER, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Fortunately for my sanity, I no longer have my back to the door while I’m playing; she’ll have to be extra sneaky to pull her old tricks on me.


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