Seriously, there’s a site for that?

Funny thing happened while my wife and I were watching Red the other night.

The movie has an awful lot of Gun Porn in it.  All the characters have their Signature Guns, there are lots of close-ups and Improbable Action Shots and it’s got the requisite Storage Shed Full Of Guns.

You know what’s crazy?  There’s no Tvtropes page for “Storage Shed Full of Guns”.  You’d think there would be.

Now, I don’t own any guns myself, but I’ve played a fair number of pen & paper RPGs and even more first-person shooters, so I can occasionally identify what a gun is from sight and my wife often asks me to do so when we’re watching one of these sorts of movies.

As an aside, I don’t have anything particularly against guns or their owners, but I live in a fairly safe city so don’t feel I need one for self-defense, I don’t go hiking anywhere too far off the beaten path, and as much as I think I might enjoy going target shooting someday, I’m too cheap to go out and buy one if that’s my only justification.  🙂

Anyway, back to Red.

John Malkovich’s character has a Damned Big Revolver, and my wife asked me if I knew what it was.

I hadn’t a clue, but just for the hell of it I threw some search terms at Google, and this site popped out.  It’s an entire site devoted solely to answering the question of “hey, what gun WAS that in that movie?”, with lots of screen captures and some really detailed discussions along the lines of  “this is an X gun with Y option fitted and a custom Z which normally wouldn’t be on this model but was added for the movie.”

It’s one of those sites that I didn’t know about, didn’t know I needed to know about, and now will probably use on a fairly frequent basis when watching action movies, even if it – sadly enough – has rendered me just a little more obsolete.  🙂


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