Not the best midterm prep.

I have two midterms this week, so naturally it seemed like a great idea to sit down and watch movies most of the weekend.

I really have the Six-Weeks-And-Out syndrome thing going on.

On the other hand, it meant that I got some couple time with my wife, which is always a good thing.

Together, we watched Red, Inception, and Pi, and I watched Lorelei, Witch of the Pacific by myself after finally getting around to studying and then getting utterly sick of that.

Red was probably my favorite movie of 2010. It’s funny, things blow up on a regular basis, and it really feels like the cast had an awful lot of fun making it. We saw it in the theaters in second run and were honestly a little worried that it might not hold up on another viewing – if anything, it was more fun the second time around.

Inception was, well, it got a lot of hype and I’d put off seeing it maybe a little too long. It was quite good, and I’m kind of curious to watch the first 20 minutes or so over again, but I think I went into it with excessive expectations.

Pi was a film we bought sight-unseen on DVD because it was quite cheap and we’d heard that it was a film you Ought To See.

It really isn’t. It’s got some funny bits and a couple of thought-provoking moments, but those only account for about 5 minutes of the movie. The remainder is spent wanting to cover your ears – the main character suffers from chronic headaches and it seems the director wanted the audience to share in the experience – and wanting to give said main character a good slap.

Put even more simply, it fails my “Bloodrayne: The Movie” test; I’d sooner sit through Bloodrayne again than re-watch this.

Lorelei, to wrap up my weekend and this post, is a Japanese war movie with a “What-if” of “What if we had a super-advanced prototype Nazi submarine at the end of WWII?”

Of course, they manage to shoehorn a cute and ambiguously psychic girl, a tragic-puppydog love interest, and a massive right-wing nationalist conspiracy into the thing.

Definitely not for everyone; it’s been accused of trying to paint Japan as the victim rather than the aggressor in WWII and there’s certainly some of that. I quite liked the characters, however, and the effects were worth a watch. I have to question some of the physics involved; some of the underwater combat scenes were close to dogfighting and I don’t think subs actually move like that, but if you can turn off your sense of disbelief and ignore some of the political overtones, it’s a fun couple of hours.

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