I’m just not meant to play “Uncharted”

Several years ago, when we bought our first PS3, one of the first things I tried out on it was the demo for the at-the-time-brand-new game, “Uncharted”.

I got a few minutes into the demo and got to the point where I had to walk across a log while using the tilt sensors in the sixaxis controller to keep my balance and not fall off.

I fell off three times and decided that motion controls weren’t for me.

Seven years later, I noticed that I get “Uncharted: Golden Abyss” as a free game with PS+, so I installed it on my Vita and gave it a try.

It seemed like a pretty neat game.  I was shootin’ mans and climbing up rock cliffs and swinging on ropes and all kinds of swashbucklery stuff, and I even got along with the Vita controls – to the point where, when I had to cross a log while keeping my balance, I actually managed to make it to the other side.  I’ve made progress as a person.

Then, after about 90 minutes of playing, I realized that I was ferociously motion-sick, to the point where I needed to have a good lie down in a dark room with my eyes closed for quite a while before things stopped spinning and I stopped feeling like I was going to lose dinner.

Like I said, I think I’m just not meant to get into this series.


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